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A certain red-head looked for a seat over the large field, hoping to find someone to sit with in the unfamiliar camp his Gramps had sent him on. He was angry to say the least, his Gramps had sent him away on summer camp yet again. He was 15 for gods sake! He could handle himself over the summer just fine. Though when he spotted a boy, looking around the age of 13 sitting on the grassy field by himself, he took a seat next to him.

veridiansoulwrites answered:

The white haired boy jumped in fright as a redhead a few years older than him occupied the space directly next to him. As he glanced towards the other he realized that he didn’t recognize the boy, certainly he’d remember someone with such unruly red hair and a peculiar eyepatch. Perhaps he’s new? Hopefully he won’t turn out to be one of the many bullies that tended to seek him out on a regular basis. The thought immediately soured the boy’s mood. The redhead looked rather kind but looks could be deceiving. Regardless, it was worth a shot right?

"U-um…Hi…" The boy immediately winced at his quiet stutter. If the boy wasn’t here to bully him surly he would after that.







"Neither do I, me and my Gramps move around a lot too. It’s too bad, I was kinda hoping I’d get to see you after this camp ended. You seem like a fun person honestly." Lavi stated. At the moment he was living in New York too, but if he was going te be moving away soon, he’d be sad.

"I was hoping I’d get to see you too. You’re really fun to be around. " Allen laughed, smiling up at Lavi as he spoke. "If you’ve moved around a lot where did you start from?"

"England, I was born in England," Lavi stated, pulling Allen just a little closer to him, "What about you?"

Allen turned to Lavi surprised. “Really? I’m originally from Britain. I moved to the United States when I was five.”

In return Allen wrapped his arms around the boy’s waist and rested his head against his shoulder.

"Really?" Lavi questioned, "Why’d you move to the states?" Lavi asked, moving his hand to the back of Allen’s head, petting his hair lightly.

Allen gew silent for a second and thought over his options before quietly muttering an answer. He didn’t want to give away everything quite yet.

"My guardian thought it would be the best for me."








songs that have an amazingly catchy and cool tune but really uncomfortable lyrics


I think we’re all thinking of the same thing but don’t dare speak its name for fear of summoning it.


We don’t talk about it